This week on Howard Stern, director and absolute mad genius Quentin Tarantino came in as a guest to promote his new film Inglourious Basterds.  Tarantino goes on to tell the story of how he courted Brad Pitt to play Nazi scalper leader Aldo Raine by spending the evening in his French home with several bottles of Rose’.

While their evening wore on into the wee hours of the morning, Tarantino was reported as saying Pitt broke out a brick of good quality hash and “like some cowboy”, pulled a knife out of nowhere and cut him off a generous slice. Quentin claiming this to be the coolest move was blown away when he asked Pitt for a pipe to borrow, and he opened the fridge and tossed him a Coke. Claiming that no matter how rich, famous or cool you are, sometimes you still gotta go back to 9th grade sometime!!

While Angie was in the hopital with the twins throughout all this, it made me wonder whether or not her and Brad take some hits after the kids are asleep and bang like stoned bunnies. This is a very cool story, Quentin didn’t lie, it humanizes Brad Pitt and makes the glitz and surreal reality we imagine he lives in fade away some…And makes us want him to slice us off a piece of Brad Pitt Quality Hash!

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