To fuel the desire for Legendary’s upcoming Warcraft movie, eight new movie posters have now appeared on our horizon. Coming out June 10th, 2016 this film takes place during the First War between Humans and Orks. Set during the reign of Llane Wyrnn 1, father of Varian Wyrnn, it aims to be an origin story for a whole movie franchise based on their popular World of Warcraft games. This movie might be the one to break the wall of horrible game movies and shine brightly, but until we know that for sure, many well-known figures from the game make their way center stage in new posters.

From a new collection of character posters just released.

Ogrim the Defiant

We start with Ogrim the Defiant, Wielder of the Mighty Doomhammer. Fiercely Loyal to his chief Durotan.

Llane The King

Llane the current King in the movie. Ruler of Stormwind, father of Varian Wyrnn and grandfather to Price Anduin Wyrnn.


Garona The Defiant part orc and part human (or something else?) She is a product of Gul’dan. In this movie she will join forces with Lothar and Durotan, and is played by the lovely Paula Patton.


Durotan, chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan. He seeks a home for his people fleeing their dying world. He is father to a World of Warcraft Favorite Thrall.


Anduin Lothar a brave knight of Llane Wyrnn seeks to lead his people in battle with the invaders. Played by the brooding Travis Fimmel of Vikings fame.


Blackhand The Destroyer. Driven by cruel ambition and fueled by rage, he is war incarnate. Chieftain of the mighty Blackrock Clan and leads the armies through the Dark Portal.

Lady Taria

Lady Taria queen to Llane Wyrnn uses grace and diplomacy with the orcs and men in the movie.


The mighty Gul’dan, warlock of the Horde and all around bad guy makes his appearance here in the movie. He also represents the Warlock class in Hearthstone.

If you haven’t seen the epic movie trailer, you should check it out now, and then check out Warcraft in theaters everywhere on June 10.

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