More of the 80s looks to be making its way across the decades to haunt us here in the present with the shadows past glories.  This time around it’s going to be Beverly Hills Cop, though instead of just rebooting the film series as most like to do, this go the famous Eddie Murphy franchise will be coming to television.

In truth, this is not so much a reboot as a continuation of where last we left off.  The television series will revolve around the son of the main character, Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy).  And who’s up for the starring role?  Brandon T. Jackson of Tropic Thunder fame.

The new show will supposedly follow the antics of lil’ Foley as he performs the same job that daddy once did – copping it up in land of monies and loose-moraled teenagers.  As a bonus, Murphy will be showing up, at least for the pilot.  If the show begins to tank, I’m guessing they’ll try to bring him back as much as possible to keep ratings up.

Anyone out there looking forward to reliving their childhood movie experience with a new cop in the BH?  Me, I can take it or leave it.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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