One expects that the Internet will spoil things on occasion, it’s a built-in part of the Internet culture. What you shouldn’t expect is for the TV station airing your favorite show to put together a teaser for the next episode that contains a major spoiler. One of those jaw dropping moments that you never want to know about until it happens. Somebody at FOX Brazil must have said “Screw it.” Putting together the teaser below that contains one big ass spoiler.

This is your last chance, after this you are on your own when it comes to spoilers.

Here are a couple of pictures that have made their way onto the Internet this week. Alone they don’t really tell you much, like the one below. Just two guys sharing an afternoon hitting some golf balls at the range, drinking a couple of shots.


Then there was this picture:

walking_dead_governorWhy would this be a spoiler? Well, for those who have read the comics should remember this huge scene in the comic where the Governor comes a visiting at the prison. That is him atop that tank.



That could just be a nod to the comic or a teaser to make those in the know think a big fight is coming, while the TV show veers the story in another direction. Both of those are what I would call minor spoilers. The video of the FOX Brazil teaser lays it all out there, it’s a virtual punch-in-the-gut to anyone wondering what the big moment of the next episode will be. Watch it if you don’t care about spoilers or can’t wait to see what happens.

What do you think? Is it over the line? Without that scene of the shot it would probably be fine, even that next part where he is held over the zombies in the pit would still leave us wondering what will happen.

In a world where even a paper cut can get infected ad cause a serious health risk, a bullet through your chest isn’t something a person can come back from. At least until they turn and come shuffling back to life.

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