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Fantastic news today from Warner Bros. and Legendary Studios on their upcoming Superman project. The short list of directors has been narrowed (finally) from four to one. Producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas have chosen Zack Snyder to direct from a list that included the likes of Tony Scott, Matt Reeves and Ben “Armageddon” Affleck. Snyder will also serve as executive producer alongside Thomas Tull, also from Legendary Pictures.

This iteration, currently entitled ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ has been of the highest priority since Chris Nolan and David Goyer revealed they have developed a story for the film. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear all of this wonderful news.  Especially since the last Superman movie sucked harder than Supergirl sucking a milkshake in a room full of nuns (yummy).

With Snyder’s latest project Sucker punch on it’s way we can only hope he keeps this version of Superman in a darker tone, yet keep Superman’s moral code in check. It’s a safe bet that if you pull out your Zack Snyder card from the bag of tricks people are gonna flock to see the show. He’s one of the most visionary and creative directors of our generation. His films 300 and Watchmen are a testament to that. Maybe they’ll actually let Superman kick some real ass this time.

Is this a decision that could make or break Superman’s power over an audience? Any thoughts on the decision to give the directorial duties to Synder, good or bad, comment below.

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