Batman VS Superman

Captain America, Batman and Superman are still on a collision course set for box office destruction.

Captain America 3 will hit theaters on May 6, 2016. What a wonderful way to start off the summer movie season. One problem: that’s the date Warner Bros has penciled in for Batman Vs. Superman. When the news was announced, everyone assumed one of these films would quickly choose a new spot in the schedule. So which studio is going to change their tune? Well, Marvel just made their release date official, setting it in stone. Maybe WB will wise up and move Bats and Supes to another spot? Not so, says Dan Fellman, the president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros.

Speaking with Bloomberg (via Comic Book Movie) Fellman had this to say about the dueling mega-films:

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for two huge superhero films to open on the same date but there is a lot of time between now and 5/6/16. However at this time, we are not considering a change of date for ‘Batman vs. Superman.’

First of all, I hate that he officially called the film Batman Vs. Superman because that’s a dumb title and I hope they choose a real one soon. Secondly, you’re right, Dan, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for two huge superhero flicks to open on the same date. Thirdly (and most importantly), come on! Let’s be honest, these movies will not open against each other. What is the major goal when it comes to releasing a film? It’s garnering as much money as possible. Now while the second goal may be laying waste to all your competitors, it doesn’t outweigh the fact that these studios want cold hard cash. It would be cool to see which movie would make more bucks but the fact is opening these pictures on the same day would eat into the bottom line and both Marvel and WB want to avoid that. Going head-to-head will erode the audience and both films will suffer for it.

So who will move? I’m going to guess WB. Captain America 3, while hotly anticipated, isn’t Marvel’s biggest money maker so they’re fine keeping it where it is. Warner Bros, on the other hand, has a lot riding on Batman Vs. Superman. I mean a lot. So they are going to do whatever it takes to ensure the movie opens (and stays) big. They’ll have to pack up their bags and move later into the summer but that’s better for them. 

Let the war of words continue. You guys all look silly because we know the truth: Captain America 3 and Batman Vs. Superman won’t open against each other. You keep saying they will but they won’t.

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