No, I kid you not. This is not the actor that plays Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. What we have here is some other limey British kid who happens to be the worlds biggest cry baby. This fucker ,via webcam tells us how disappointed he is in COD: Modern Warfare 2. Does he bother to explain why the game disappoints him? No, he proceeds to shout, cry and bash his wall, leaving him with bloodied hands. If this is real then WOW, if this is fake then WOW. This kid clearly needs some mental help and speech therapy. OYE, what a horrid accent, if anyone can narrate in-between the OW, OW’s from punching his wall then please tell us. On a side note: I don’t think that’s a milk moustache his sporting, clearly it’s the semen of a unicorn.

Category: WTF?

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