Most people can agree that Steve Rogers, Captain America is the poster child for America and what it represents as a country. This is apparent in that his nature is one of justice, freedom and humanity. The comic book character is a very commendable symbol of the US and its values. Since Captain America will be celebrating his 75th birthday, this year, Marvel has something big to commemorate him. A towering, bronze statue has been put together for this event. It is said that it will debut at the San Diego Comic Con later this month and it will eventually take its home in the city of Brooklyn, New York.

USA Today shared a sketch of the planned Captain America statue, designed by Marvel artists with Comicave Studios.


San Diego Comic Con is set for July 20-24, 2016. At the convention, we will get to see a first look at the 13-foot statue of our very own patriotic comic book hero. Following the con, the statue will be en route to Brooklyn, where there will be a proper dedication ceremony on August 10, 2016 in Prospect Park. Since Captain America was created by writers Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, he has stayed a fan favorite ever since. The statue is said to also commemorate the writer/creator(s) as well. They did such an incredible job creating a character that will forever remind fans of Cap’s values and influence.

If fans cannot make it the San Diego Comic Con or even the ceremony in Prospect Park, don’t fret. Marvel’s social media accounts will also be keeping us updated on where the statue is, as it makes its way from the east to the west coast. They will be sharing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts about our beloved hero’s replica. Not only will we be updated, there have also been talks of miniature versions of the statues that we can keep in our own homes! Comicave Studios will be selling a limited-edition line of 750 bronze, and 100 pewter.

The statue will be a very big addition to the world, as well as to the comic book franchise, breaking boundaries between fiction and non-fiction. It is said to weigh a ton, and include the phrase “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn,” on it. The quote was taken, very precisely, from the first Captain America movie, Captain America: The First Avenger. The pose is shown to be very symbolic of his strength and power, and his love for this country.


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