Bruce Willis Cologne. Thats what a real man would wear, and I’m buying myself one TODAY!!! So I can be like a real Man!

Grapefruit, pepper and vetiver (actual ingredients). The cologne is part of a collection, which includes hair and body wash, deodorant, and aftershave balm

Yippie Kay Ay Motherfuckers!! (Who didn’t see that coming?) Not to be outdone by Antonio Banderas who also has his own fragrance, Bruce Willis even did one better by giving a case of his body care system to Ex-Wife Banger, Ashton Kutcher. OK, we get it that you guys get along. We get it that you all vacation together. We get it that you are BFF’s but this following statement makes me cringe with douche chills.

“Bruce gave Ashton a whole stack of his cologne to see what he thought of it and as a little joke,” reveals a source close to Kutcher. “The funny thing is Ashton actually likes it and wears it all the time.

“Even Demi likes it, although she says it smells nothing like Bruce used to when they were together!”

Really?? Thats what I want to know. I want to be in bed with my girl and after I apply her old husbands brand name cologne, I want her to tell me that he DIDN’T EVEN SMELL LIKE THAT!!!!! No level of maturity can even compensate for that level of weirdness.I would imagine this to smell like motor oil, burning fire, smoking tires and gunpowder burns. Manly man musk. Lets just hope we don’t get “Abs” A Fragrance By The Situation.

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