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Even though X-Men: Days of Future Past has yet to make its way to the big screen, director Bryan Singer is hard at work making sure that everyone knows all about the next big X-project, X-Men: Apocalypse. We’ve already been informed that the two flicks will be closely tied together and now Singer has, in a recent interview with EW, given a few more hints as to what we might expect from the 2016 flick. Read on for all the way-too-early-too-discuss details.

First, regarding the connection, a Singer had a very obscure answer:

Something that happens in this movie causes what’s going to happen in that movie.

Yes, yes, multiple time-lines, alternate realities, blah, blah. We’re all experienced enough with the way time travel is used as a literary device that we pretty much guessed that one. What else you got for us Singer?

Well, apparently it’s still up-in-the-air whether there will be an end-credits scene to set up for Apocalypse. Singer does, however, intend to act as director on the movie and also explains a bit about what he wants to do with the next film:

…also address historical mutant-cy, meaning the deep past, mutant origins and things like that. It’s something that’s always intrigued me when we think about our Gods and our history and miracles and powers.

Well, that’s a little more telling. Given the main baddie of Apocalypse, we would hope they might bring that subject up. Now we just have to wait and see whether Singer does it well. And THAT, my dear Nerd Readers, will be shown in the final product that is X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Check out X-Men: Days of Future Past when it hits the theaters on May 23rd of this year. And the next one sometime in 2016.


Thanks to BleedingCool for the heads-up.

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