Bryan Singer took to the Tweeter-verse to announce some big happenings this Monday, January the 27th from the X-Men: Days of Future Past camp. What could it be? A trailer, some stills, an exclusive interview?

Here’s what the Tweet link to Instagram would show you:


A full day of surprises and reveals. That means there must be more than just one thing, perhaps we’ll get a little of everything, a trailer, some new stills and costume looks, maybe a couple of questions and answers from Singer and cast.

Here’s the Instagram video:

Lots to see in that short glimpse. Did you notice how battle damaged Magneto’s helmet was? We got a closer look at the person in the broken glass scene, who do you think it was?

Are you excited yet? HAVE YOU BEEN ENTERTAINED ! ! !

Sorry, went a little Russell Crowe Gladiator there.Deep Breath. What are you hoping to see?

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