Transformers has broken our heart time and time again, but nerds the world over can’t help but give their beloved robots in disguise a second chance. Or fifth. Or sixth. And now the full-length trailer for Bumblebee drops and fans are assuring themselves that this time, this time will be different. This one will be good. And it has signs of a good Transformers adaptation! The original form for Bumblebee that fans have been begging for, a likable human counterpart, and tons of 80s references. But does it have enough to make up for the previous movies?

The full-length Bumblebee trailer has all the hallmarks of a traditional Transformers movie – transforming cars, gratuitous explosions and property damage. But it also sneaks in a lot of little things that should please fans of the franchise. The Transformers movies haven’t been wholly terrible. There are some things they got right. The size of the robots. The way they transform in this seamless, fluid motion that feels alien and alive. And it wouldn’t be a giant robot movie without plenty of explosions.

But what it lacked was a real connection to the source material – the 80s cartoon. It doesn’t take much to please nerds. Give them little easter eggs, small, subtle nods to what came before and it goes a long way towards making folk happy. And this trailer is packed with them.

We see glimpses of classic 80s style Transformer forms and characters. Fans are freaking out about classic Soundwave, Shockwave, and Ravager. Bumblebee even gets his original Volkswagon Beetle model.

The main character seems likable from the get-go. Hailee Steinfeld plays Charlie Watson. Charlie dresses in torn denim and band shirts, classic teenage rebellion gear for the 80s. The film is set in 1987.

John Cena shows up as an antagonist named Burns, an agent of Sector 7. Peter Cullen reprises his role as Optimus Prime and seems to be the only Autobot to make even a brief appearance with a speaking part in the film, though numerous Decepticons are listed.

With Bumblebee getting a solo film, it begs the question – Who else in the Transformer universe needs some solo screen time? Here are 3 Transformers characters that would rock a solo flick.

First and foremost Sam Witwicky.


Jazz, classically the 1976 Porche, has been a fan favorite for decades. The music-loving, stylish Transformer who often acts as right-hand-man to Optimus Prime. He uses his stereo and lights to disorientate his enemies. The epitome of ‘cool’, Jazz would definitely carry his own solo film.

Optimus Prime. A lot is known about him in his days of leading the Autobots on Earth. But a solo film set in his earlier days on Cybertron would do a lot to expand the universe and give some insight into how Optimus became the Big Bot we know him as. He couldn’t have always been the leader we know and love, could he?

Soundwave. While it might be hard to carry a movie as a bad guy, Soundwave is deceptive and subtle. Working behind the scenes, manipulating the humans around him, finding ones to use as pawns in his plans would make one hell of a spy film.


Bumblebee comes out December 21, 2018.

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