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Since when did witch hunting become a popular sport again? And why are figments of our imagination becoming headline news? Well, it seems as though JK Rowling was the basis of this hunt when former President Bush’s administration declined to include her in the running for The Presidential Medal of Freedom (the US highest civilian honor usually awarded to scientists, artists and/or humanitarians). Apparently, because the Harry Potter books “promote” which craft, Pres Bush decided it was best not to encourage the outstanding American citizens who whole-heartedly love these books… And it’s not because they are learning some “dark magic,” they are simply enjoying reading, which should be highly praised given the fact that America is full of poorly educated individuals who choose crime over reading. Apparently Bush must have felt insignificant-hell, he probably couldn’t read the books himself let alone pronounce half the vocabulary used. It’s such a disgrace when an amazing author, who has given children, and adults alike, the opportunity to open their minds and let a little creativity flow through. Now take Pres Obama for instance, he has read these books with his children. He has encouraged them to use their imagination and let books take them to far-away lands and introduce them to magnificent creatures. Why is this such a bad thing? Who knows, luckily Bush is gone and hopefully Obama can restore the award to where it should be, in JK Rowlings hands. Thanks io9 for the news.

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