Ohh the wonderful things you hear around the Internet water cooler on a slow news day. You never know where the next whopper that just might be true will come from. This time if involves our favorite talker to animals, Mark Wahlberg, and a classic 70’s television show The Six Million Dollar Man.

That’s right, there’s a new rumor floating around the Internet that mark Wahlberg might be the new Six Million Dollar Man.


Universal Pictures now holds the film rights and plans to update the 1970’s favorite to the big screen. Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) is said to be attached to produce and perhaps direct.

The powers that be have been trying to put together a Six Million Dollar Man movie for quite some time. Kevin Smith wrote a script for it back in the 90’s which he later turned into a comic book series The Bionic Man.


There was also an attempt in 2003 by Todd Phillips (Starsky and Hutch 2004) to turn the concept into a comedy with Jim Carrey as the lead. Thankfully, that died a well deserved Hollywood death. A couple of years later in 2006, one of the original series actors, Richard Anderson, who played Oscar Goldman, was said to be involved in another Six Million Dollar Man remake which ended when Universal and Miramax couldn’t work out who had what rights and how the money would be divided.

The Six Million Dollar Man movie idea returned to the shelve until 2011 when Brian Singer and Leonardo DeCaprio were said to be in talks to direct and star, but as was the case before, no one could get the Six Million Dollar Man movie off the operating table.

Will Berg and Wahlberg work together again? Both have full schedules according to IMDB, but if either really wanted to schedules can always be tweaked.

So I guess the question is, do we want a Six Million Dollar Man reboot and do we want Wahlberg in that starring role? I can see him pulling it off. As long as he fights bionic Bigfoot in the movie I can go along with it.


Did you know that Bionic Bigfoot was played by none other than Ted Cassidy? That’s right Lurch went on to play Bigfoot.


Ain’t Hollywood grand? I can see the scene now, Wahlberg fights Bigfoot to a standstill, they both can barely stand and as Bigfoot starts to stumble off, Wahlberg says, “Say hello to your mother for me Bigfoot.” Fade to black, fade to glorious black.

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