Finally a movie related petition we NerdBastards can get behind. The last Deadpool petition, the one for a PG-13 Rated version of the movie for little kids was a bunch of Hooey. This time around we’ve got a fan with a true vision. A vision of a tall, proud, erect, monument to the Merc with a Mouth. That’s right, Luke Oliver from Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada wants his city council to erect a statue to their native son, Deadpool.


If Superman can have a Superman Statue in Superman Square in Metropolis, Illinois, why can’t Deadpool have a statue in his own declared hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan? It makes perfect sense. After all, the town rhymes with fun!

Luke Oliver started this petition saying:

With Deadpool having announced that he’s from “Regina, Saskatchewan, the town that rhymes with fun!” in the new Marvel movie, Deadpool. It’s only right that we erect a Deadpool statue to show our pride of being a great superheroes hometown.

Now if you’ve been following the Deadpool marketing and the crazy cool stuff they’ve done to promote the movie, a statue doesn’t seem that far-fetched, at least as part of the marketing for the already announced sequel.

After two days the petition has 290 supporters and we’re hoping that you NerdBastard readers can help that number swell into a tornado of support.


Oliver actually started two petition, one at and one over at Care2 Petitions where he says:

Why this issue is important is self-explanatory and I don’t feel it’s necessary to even convince anybody of this. We, citizens of Regina, and citizens of Earth in general should be convinced as soon as we found out that Deadpool is from Regina!
Since it’s announcement, we need to stand proud of being a Marvel Superheroes hometown.

Regina has been home to many great people, Leslie Nielsen, Ryan Getzlaf, Wolfcop, the list goes on… But at the end of the day, the most important person from Regina, DEADPOOL.

We are demanding that a Deadpool statue be erected in Regina, Saskatchewan as we are his hometown, and we are proud to be.

Now the next thing we should discuss, what should the statue look like, what pose if heroic enough for Wade Wilson? Perhaps this one:


Better still, how about this one:


Here’s a closer look at that wonderful rubber chicken:


Perhaps this one:


What do you think? This has to be the best movie related petition we’ve seen in forever.


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