Now while I may have a soft spot for the 1994 Street Fighter film with Raúl Juliá being the saving grace (and Kylie Minogue since she is nice to look at) of the film, the Legend of Chun-Li film is a piece of crap that (to me) are some how worse then many of Uwe Boll’s video game films. While the films may have not been successful, Street Fighter has been successful with other forms of media, such as comics and action figures thus giving Capcom some hope for a hit film. Capcom is aiming to be like Marvel where their focus was just one form of media (comics in the case of Marvel) and becoming a huge “pop culture media company.”

Now I don’t mind Capcom making more Street Fighter films, but you know what they should do to make one good? MAKE THEM ABOUT RYU AND KEN!!! Throw in Akuma to the mix with some actual fighting scenes and I think you might have something that will make some fans happy. What do you guys think they need to do to make a good Street Fighter movie or do you think it’s too late for one?

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