Right off the bat, you should know this article focuses on a major spoiler in Captain America: The Winter Solider. If you wish to stay pure, then hold up your own mighty shield and block the evil spoiler that lies beneath. This report has been covered for 2 reasons. A) There are those who absolutely must know everything about a film ahead of time – in which case have at thee! And B) I’m compelled to satisfy my own self regard. I suspected this reveal weeks ago, but never said anything for fear of no one believing me. I’d have better luck convincing people Bill Murray stole one of my french fries.

On with it then, shall we. If you don’t want to be spoiled then STOP NOW!







Alright, I’d like to say a little diddy in vein of my regret for not calling it when I wanted to. My story is this: earlier this month, I bought up a few figures from Marvel Legends toy line of Captain America: The Winter Solider. On the back of the box art I saw pictures of other figures in the line. Those figures included Hydra Agent, A.I.M Agent, Baron Zemo and The Red Skull.


Now, its not out of the ordinary for toy lines to feature heroes and villains popular in comics, that have nothing to do with the movie. So, I thought nothing of it. That was until I saw the full Captain America trailer featured in this years super bowl. In addition to featuring tons of action, and copious shots of Scarlett Johannson’s butt, we got to see more of Robert Redford’s character of Alexander Pierce. He’s positioned as a powerful member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the World Security Council. From the trailer and bevy of other online videos, images and descriptions it’s clear he’s the puppet master behind SHIELD’s new found and terrifying omnipotence. In fact, his dominant douche-baggery seemed all to familiar. I couldn’t help but make a correlation (and it may be a bit of a leap to think so) between him and certain tyrannical tyrant from the first film who. One whom, if you recall, was mysteriously swooshed away by the power of the Tesseract (aka the cosmic cube). I am referring to none other than The Red Skull. Surely Caps ultimate foe didn’t go up in a flash of light to never be heard from again, right? Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce must be The Skull in disguise! It makes sense, doesn’t? Sure it does, but logic be damned. I couldn’t very well make such wild claim based on such loose suspicions. So I said nothing.


Well, turns out I was right! If the box art on the Marvel Legends toy line wasn’t suspect enough (actually, MTV made the same connection I did, but based their theory of Hasbro’s newly revealed 3 inch line announced at New York Toy Fair, as seen above), a track from the soundtrack to the film is entitled “Alexander Pierce is the Red Skull.” has all but confirmed it.

Is Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce the Red Skull in disguise. Is he the one secretly running the brainwashed Winter Soldier behind the scenes? Or is this, in fact, just a toy inspired by the movies but not related? Feel free to discuss in the comment section below.

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