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More news from the world of Marvel is here, this time revolving  around the very-soon-to-be-released Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as one of the Cap’s favorite enemies. First we have Chris Evans talking a bit about his involvement with the role of the Captain and whether or not he’ll be carrying the shield forever. Secondly, good news for fans of super villain Baron Von Strucker, for it looks like Marvel has bigger plans for this classic baddie. Read on for all the juicy, jelly-filled goodness.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Evans had these wonderful words of wisdom to bestow up his fans regarding the character of Captain America:

“He doesn’t have demons. He’s not Batman, he doesn’t struggle with inner turmoil. The nature of this character is that he puts himself last and helps the common good. So he could easily slip into a world of boredom. The blessing and curse of Captain America is that he doesn’t have that fancy an ability. He doesn’t live in another world or turn green. He doesn’t have bells and whistles, he doesn’t shoot missiles. He punches and kicks.”

And these words to say about the inevitable end of his contract with Marvel:

“I think when I’m done with this Marvel contract, I’ll take a little break from acting. With acting, you’re one piece in a very big puzzle. It’s like you helped buy a gift but you don’t know what the gift is, so you come back and see the movie. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s tragic. This process [directing], you’re involved in every single decision. If I hadn’t done it, I’d be really kicking myself. At the time, it was a daunting task for a number of reasons, but in hindsight it was the right move.”

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Next up, one of Captain America’s most famous of rivals, Baron Von Strucker. Although Von Strucker will be waiting until Avengers: Age of Ultron to show up, it looks like we may get a chance to see him square off against the Captain in future flicks. The powers-that-be have decided that Von Strucker is worthy and shall therefore be a recurring baddie in the on-screen Marvel universe.

In an interview with B.Z. Berlin, the actor that will be portraying Von Strucker, Thomas Kretschmann, had this to say:

I have a multi-picture deal which means I will not only appear in the 2nd part, but they’re planning with me for a longer period of time. But I don’t know details yet, they’re keeping their cards close to their chest – top secret!

I’m not much of a Captain America fan myself, but I personally find Von Strucker to be one of the better bad guys in his rogue’s gallery. Maybe it’s the part of me that likes to watch Nazis get the crap kicked out of them? Or maybe it’s just because he feels like a proper challenge for the Captain? Either way, I am happily on-board with seeing more of the character.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Excited to see Baron Von Strucker will be sticking around? And will you be a sad puppy when Chris Evans wanders off to do something else with his life other than throwing a shield around and kicking baddies in the teeth?

Don’t forget to check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier in just a few short weeks, on April 4th. For the first look at Baron Von Strucker, you’ll have to wait til Avengers: Age of Ultron releases next year on May 1st.


Thanks to TV3 and ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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