In terms of Marvel Studios‘ Phase 3 plan, Captain Marvel is the last big question mark. We’ve seen footage for the three Marvel movies coming up this year, Black Panther just wrapped, and we have a pretty good idea, based on experience, what Avengers: Infinity WarAnt-Man and the Wasp, and Avengers 4 might look like, but we didn’t know anything about Captain Marvel until last summer when Brie Larson was announced as the titular hero. Well news broke this week that Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will be sitting in dual directors chairs, and the people have been wondering: why them? 

/Film‘s Peter Sciretta asked Marvel head Kevin Feige that very question in an exclusive interview. Fleck and Boden have written the indie drama Half Nelson together, and they directed the gambling road trip flick Mississippi Grind. They’ve also done a couple of episodes of the Showtime series Billions and The Affair, but nothing that indicated they were the right choice for a multimillion dollar superhero film. So what did they have that all the other contenders did not? Feige answers…

They came in many, many times and impressed us in the room with what they had to say about Carol Danvers. […] They live in New York and they would fly out at a moment’s notice to come in and pitch on it, which always means a lot. Anna and Ryan had a strong sense of, not just the plotting and the machinations of the plot, but on Carol’s journey, which is the most important thing about the movie. We can help out with all the accoutrements of action and sci-fi worlds, but we wanted someone who could really be a guiding hand to Carol and to Brie [Larson] and to that journey, which is what the whole movie is about: someone becoming the most powerful being in the universe. You look at their work and like most of the directors we’ve hired, [they’re] not giant, effects-drive action, but rather very unique and very personal character stories and character journeys. And very diverse, in terms of the subject matter they’ve chosen to tell and they nail it every time. I think they see Carol as another rich, three-dimensional character to explore, who just happens to be able to fly and punch through moons and to lead intergalactic teams.

Of course, this has been the Marvel strategy for several years. Take, for example, Anthony and Joe Russo, whose last movie before Captain America: The Winter Solider was You, Me, and Dupree. Then there’s James Gunn, who made the low-budget Slither and Super before taking on Guardians of the Galaxy. And Jon Watts? His only film before Spider-Man: Homecoming was the micro-budget drama Cop Car. In other words, good directors are good directors regardless of the budget, but will it be so again when we finally see Captain Marvel? There’s about a two year wait for an answer to that question…

Captain Marvel will be in theatres everywhere on March 8, 2019.

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