CBS Reveals What the Future Holds for Supergirl


Today, fans of the new show Supergirl finally received some news they’ve been waiting for since the show based on the DC Comics character premiered back in October. When CBS committed to the series in September, their initial order was for 13 episodes, with a further full season order being contingent upon the performance of the show. Today CBS gave word about the future of the show. For fans, the news is good, although Supergirl is not going to get the 22 episodes typical of a full season order.

Supergirl premiered strong with almost 13 million viewers tuning in to the pilot episode. Some analysts have expressed concern for the series due to the ratings drop-off since then, but the show is still performing relatively well and has received great responses from critics. This led CBS to announce today that they are ordering an additional 7 episodes of Supergirl, for a full season of 20. While this falls a bit short of a standard full season order, there’s no reason for fans to despair. The short season is most likely due to the late start the show got compared to other fall season shows.

This may also be good news for fans of the Arrowverse, which encapsulates the shows Arrow, The Flash, and the forthcoming Legends of Tomorrow. The extension of the Supergirl season makes it much more likely that we’ll see a crossover episode with The Flash, as had been recently rumored.

Now you can rest a little easier, fans of Supergirl. Let your anxieties about the future of one of your favorite shows be assuaged by this fantastic news. Although… will Supergirl get picked up for a second season or will it be cancelled after only one season? How long do we have to wait to find out whether or not it’s going to be renewed? Will it jump the shark sooner rather than later, setting season two in a circus and ending with the characters going to jail and learning that they were really dead in a snow globe all along?

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