The idea of Channing Tatum playing Gambit has always been a pretty weird one. Ever since the project was announced last year, it’s been hard to imagine the role of the card throwing, mutant, thief, down from the bayou being portrayed by Magic Mike. Despite the bizarre casting choice, Tatum has slowly been winning over doubtful fans via the many interviews in which he’s expressed his love and passion for the X-Men character. Regardless of the actor being a fanboy, it was pretty odd seeing Tatum up on stage at San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H building hype around the 2016 X-men spin-off and taking a selfie with Stan Lee. He just doesn’t fit the part.

Whether or not you’ve been sold on the premise of Channing Tatum playing the fan-favorite Cajun mutant, it looks like production is in troubled waters. The film is reportedly close to losing its lead star.

Shooting was slated to begin this fall in New Orleans for release on October 7, 2016. The Wrap reveals that Tatum’s deal to star in the movie is close to falling apart. It isn’t clear what the exact issues are, but the actor may be dropping out because… reasons. The Wrap does speculate that Tatum has a project in mind that he wants to direct and that Gambit might be interfering with his directorial debut. It’s possible that FOX are doing things with the character and story that Tatum isn’t happy with, which seems the more likely assumption given this was to be a passion project for the actor.

Neither Tatum or 20th Century Fox have commented on this unconfirmed report.  As of now, director Rupert Wyatt remains on board and the release date has not changed. While Tatum’s deal is reportedly not going smoothly, its possible things will get ironed out and he’ll stay on with the project. Dude showed up at Comic Con to promote the movie, I think FOX wants to do everything they can to continue selling the product they’ve started promoting and vice versa. On the other hand, Marvel dropped Edgar Wright from directing Ant-Man and still went on and made it without him.

If Tatum were to back out and FOX still proceed with the movie, who could you see play the character?

Source: The Wrap

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