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Getting into the groove of how 2016 has not only become popular for its reboots, but also its gender-swapped roles, we have to look at a new film with an open mind. The all female Ghostbusters by Paul Feig became quite a hit at the box office, although people went in with the worst intentions, but it looks like the pattern is falling into place again, because Ron Howard has decided to come back and produce a remake of his 1980’s hit, Splash. As if that’s not exciting enough, Channing Tatum will be a part of the cast and he will be playing the mermaid! From Magic Mike, to merman? Sounds like this may be a really interesting concept.

Channing will be working alongside 21 Jump Street co-star, Jillian Bell (Workaholics) in the “human” role. In the original film, it was Tom Hanks playing the average guy who stumbles upon Daryl Hannah‘s mermaid and brings her back to New York and eventually they fall in love. In this one the whole thing’s switched as Bell will be playing the average girl who meets Tatum’s mermaid. Although Splash had its slew of great actors such as Hanks, Hannah and John Candy, it was never really as big as, say, the Ghostbusters franchise. So, maybe this reboot could bring in a new slew of fans.

The idea to get behind this project apparently came all the way from China. A Chinese film entitled Mermaid, which has a very similar plot to Splash with an average man falling in love with a mermaid, made over $550 million in China alone. Disney heard about that and decided to pick this up and make something of it. As mentioned, the movie will once again be produced by Howard, with original co-producer Brian Grazer, meanwhile, it will fall onto an up and coming writer Marja-Lewis Ryan to pen this gender-switching remake. Can this truly be the type of remake that will draw new fans in? We will have to take a chance on it and see what the people of Disney will come up with.

No release date for Splash redux has been revealed yet, but we’ll keep you posted with any new developments.

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