‘Star Wars Rebels’ is a computer animated cartoon set about 5 years before Episode 4: A New Hope. We’ve been reporting on this new edition to George Lucas’ storied universe since it was first announced. It’s set to premiere on the Disney Channel on Oct. 3 with the 1-hour special entitled ‘Spark Of Rebellion.’ Be there or be square. Like the Borg Cube. Wait, wrong franchise. Like a…Death Star? Wow, I never noticed before how many round things there are in the world of Star Wars. Anyway, if all the trailers and clips and news haven’t stoked you for wanting to watch this show, we’ve got more to entice you. With the incredible fan fidgeting that accompanies the wait for ‘Star Wars: Episode 7,’ it’s looking like we’ll meet some characters from that film in cartoon form first. I’ll tell you more on the next page…


One of the coolest things about ‘The Clone Wars’ cartoon was seeing General Grievous in competent, terrifying action before being twisted into the asthmatic Jedi-stalking cyborg we saw on film. ‘Rebels’ is in a good position to flip that on us by introducing a few players before the movie comes out. And since the folks over at Slash Film already thought of this, they asked Simon Kinberg if ‘Rebels’ would indeed make that happen. Kinberg is a consultant on the upcoming movie and is writing/producing a SW spinoff, so he would know. At the time, he was like “nah, yo.” But later, he sang a different tune to E!. Make up your freakin’ mind, Kinberg!

“It’s a very integrated process, there’s real communication between all the filmmakers because we’re all part of a larger timeline. There is absolutely communication and integration between the different stories. We are very aware of what they’re doing in VII, and we also have to click into place with Episode IV… There are characters, vehicles, imagery that are introduced in the show before we’ve ever seen them in the movies, possibly including VII.”

The various outlets reporting this make it sound like it’s a done deal of sorts, but what I’m reading from his quote is slightly different. It would makes sense that we’d meet at least a couple familiar faces before they were actually invented in 1977. That I could see happening. But Episode 7 is 30 years after Episode 6, which could be about 2-3 years (being very generous with Luke’s training “week” here) after Episode 4. That math means ‘Rebel’s is close to 40 years before the next movie because it’s 5 years before Ep. 4. I’m confused now, but trust me on those numbers. Either way, if we see somebody in this cartoon before they show on film, it’s gotta be a young cartoon person (or alien) being pretty old in the movie. Let’s speculate…

None of the young folks like John Boyega’s character. Scratch off immediately.

None of the people we already know, like Han Solo. That would be a cop out because that’s not an “introduction.” One could argue that it is, but come on…

Could be a Sith groupie like an Inquisitor. A young, evil horror that lords over an imprisoned Luke, if those hated rumors are true. That’s my guess. What’s yours? A Jedi Wyatt Earp, maybe? Here’s one guy who I’d like to see helping to reconstruct the Order.


Source – E!

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