It was only a couple of months ago when Charlie Hunnam had no idea who the Green Arrow was. He’s said that comics were never part of his early life and, therefore, not part of his future plans. But minds can change quickly, and it seems that Hunnam’s did just that. Almost as fast as he could say no to the role, he had switched gears and had become very open to the idea of playing Oliver Queen. All it took was telling him that he looks just like the guy.

Take a look at the interview where Hunnam basically decides to go with the flow.

In an earlier interview, Hunnam seemed to object to the idea of playing a superhero on film. Here’s what he had to say about it,

“I didn’t grow up a comic book fan and I haven’t really seen any of those Marvel films or the Batman films. It’s just not really my taste. I must confess I don’t even really know who the Green Arrow is. It’s not part of my vision for my career or what I aspire to.”

What he said makes perfect sense. Why would someone who has never been exposed to the genre want to play someone from it. Sure, there’s a lot of money to be made, but some actors care about their work and how their associated with that work. For Hunnam to not aspire to become a superhero on screen is fine.

During the interview above, some have said that Hunnam was just humoring the person asking the questions. But it sounds like there could have been some sincerity behind his voice. He may not have a clue as to who the Green Arrow is, but it’s nice to hear that he was at least willing to entertain the idea after being explained to why there is such a movement for him to play a character.

Upon closer inspection, Hunnam looks like he’d make a pretty good looking Oliver Queen. Standing at 6’1″, not only is the man rugged and hansom, but he can even grow the signature goatee that the Green Arrow is so well-known for. Take a look for yourself.

Charlie Hunnam is currently starring in King Arthur: Legend of The Sword in theaters now.

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