Okay, it’s actually about 3 minutes, followed by a trailer–but it’s 3 of the coolest minutes you’re going to see all day: 

This snippet of the highly anticipated Captain America: The First Avenger sequel is basically, minus the trailer, 180 seconds of Cap and Black Widow kicking wholesale ass after jumping out of a plane onto a ship in the Indian Ocean in pursuit of the baddie known to the comics as Batroc The Leaper. It opens with a quick mission briefing, and a bit of witty banter/flirting between Rogers and Romanov….it seems to tease us with the notion of their hooking up–but it’s far too soon to make such an assumption.

Bottom line, it’s a tantalizing glimpse at what looks to be a pretty damn solid addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe–take a look:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens internationally on March, 26th…and in the U.S. on April 4th.

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