It looks like Justice League is about to finish wrapping up production. The follow-up film to this year’s Batman v Superman is due to showcase Batman putting together a team of metahumans as they have to band together against a new foe is due next year. The heroes forming together include Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and most likely Superman as they take on Steppenwolf. The film has been in production since April and it looks like they have finally wrapped up shooting.

To celebrate the end of filming, director Zach Snyder took to twitter and gave us a juicy picture from the upcoming film.

It looks like Batman will be getting an upgrade, specifically a tactical Batsuit. Fans remember the tactical Batsuit he had during Batman v Superman which was a little bulky. This one appears to be a sleeker, yet probably just as powerful suit that he will use to take on the big bad guy. With seemingly unlimited resources at his disposal, who knows what Batman will be able to do with this new Batsuit.


Source: Twitter via Movieweb

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