The International trailer for Captain America: Civil War has hit the Internet and spells out the movie’s plot line fairly clearly. There’s sure to be more surprises once it hits the big screen, but Marvel is taking no chances on letting people know the stakes involved and the possible changes to long-standing relationships. The Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joseph, look set to continue to wow Marvel audiences with their takes on some fantastic Captain America story lines. Take a look.


The tone and style are there right from the beginning of this trailer. You can feel the tenseness between the characters. These little bits of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans scenes together are electric, I can’t wait to see their friendship tested to the limits. The trailer builds great momentum until the payoff of that final line by Tony Stark.

What did you think? We’re all going to see this one in theaters… just like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, even if you don’t like the direction of the Marvel movies, but that’s crazy talk.

We haven’t even seen any real looks at Black Panther besides the quick glimpses at the costume. Hopefully he’ll have a bigger role in the movie than we’ve seen so far.

Via: JoBlo Movie Trailer

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