Yes, there’s a lot of super-hero stuff out there these days – movies, TV shows, and of course, comic series galore.  But most super-fare is either very do-goody, very “serious,” or a combination of the two.  So, when new content comes along that doesn’t take itself too seriously, we might want to pay attention – as is the case with SuperMansion, the upcoming web series produced and starring Bryan Cranston (he of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle fame).  Oh, and it’s claymation as well, which always kicks ass.

Here’s a brief overview of the planned weekly-streaming online series:

Titanium Rex (voiced by Bryan Cranston) is the leader of the League of Freedom, a motley band of super heroes that has seen better days that all live in a SuperMansion. Titanium Rex struggles to live and fight alongside the Millennial-aged, often lackadaisical members of The League of Freedom as they battle against arch-enemies and struggle to remain relevant in today’s world.

Check out the new trailer below – it’s surprisingly long, minimally NSFW, and jam-packed with funny delightfully-random stuff:

I, for one, am looking forward to checking this series out.  It looks like Crackle, the online entertainment platform that will be debuting the show, is keeping SuperMansion as close to TV-format as possible: each episode will be 22 minutes long, with new episodes on a weekly basis.

SuperMansion is being produced by Stoopid Buddy Studios, whose claim to fame includes another very funny claymation show, Robot Chicken.  The new series will premiere on October 8, 2015, with three new episodes on Crackle’s platform, with additional episodes streaming weekly.


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