The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were an immediate hit on Fox‘s weekday afternoon line-up, a kid-friendly money-maker that was generating ratings, millions in merch, and more than a few scared parents that didn’t like all the karate chopping the kids were doing on the playground because of it. The geniuses at Fox decided to do the only thing they could: make more money! In 1995, Twentieth Century Fox released Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, which was everything the TV show had but was made for about four weeks worth of TV episodes. You know what this thing needs? An honest trailer. 

Screen Junkies has put together their latest ode to honesty and dedicated it to six teenagers who weren’t teenagers but were extreme with no attitude; three of them with no contract disputes and three of them replaces those with contract disputes. Along with priceless memories of the Grumblebee, and the Rapping Pumpkin, the Junkies also remind us that the events of the movie were then immediately retconned by the series, and that MMPRTM also confirmed that Tommy and Kimberly were indeed hooking up (although in a discrete Fox Kids kind of way).

So before going forward to see the ambitious new big-budget franchise launching Power Rangers reboot, remember the time that a Power Rangers movie was used to sell more toys and make the kind of money than almost 400 hours of television could never touch. Let’s check out the honest trailer for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie. 

Power Rangers, the rebooted one, will be in theatres everywhere this Friday.

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