Still basking in the awesome that will be the new Sandman series? Us too. And while all we can do to pass the time is reread and reread our old Sandman comics, author Neil Gaiman has given us a little gift to tide us over. Back in the day Warner Bros. was eyeing Gaiman’s comic about the lord of dreams for a movie trilogy. And as great as we’d all wish it could be, it’s probably for the better this never happened. Some stories are simply better off left alone.

Still, WB kept at the project well into the pre-development stages, so far that illustrator, Jill Thompson had to provide some artwork to go along with the crazy pitch Gaiman delivered. That art – which is STUNNING! –  is now not only available for us to see, shared via Gaiman’s Twitter, but also available for purchase! Peruse through the gallery below and prepare your wallet to weep.

A lot of these pieces are being sold or placed on hold, so if you see one you love you better act soon!

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