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I can’t lie to you. I haven’t played a ‘Resident Evil’ game in years. I rocked out on the first two, and it got so bad that I found myself calling out sick from work just to keep playing and playing and playing those games. Maybe that’s why I left the damn things alone. That, and because I had recurring dreams of zombies trying to kill me. That’s not healthy. But what is healthy is making money. So, to that end, Capcom has decided to grace us with ‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2’ when I had no idea Revelations 1 even existed. Because I like sleeping well at night and having gainful employment. That means you guys get to have it all to yourselves. Hit the jump for the trailer.


Bet your ass there’s blood and gore. It’s humans in a zombie world. Have a look for yourselves.

I think the trailer sucks. Like I said, I haven’t banged out an R.E. in forever, so maybe they evolved past my dinosaur mentality and took another route when I wasn’t looking. But my opinion is that that was a mistake. Because what they were doing before was awesome and totally didn’t break, but they fixed it anyway. A true fan could probably look past everything I just wrote and see the light at the end of the tunnel, or produce reasons why this thing kicks ass. I, however, saw two glaring issues: 1. It’s a cutscene show, giving us little to no gameplay material. 2. It comes off like a movie trailer dead set on giving us visuals but no story. And some of the visuals aren’t even all that.

But it might be a cool game. I just don’t see it following the RE paradigm. Apparently we’re being told TWO tales of women surviving on a deserted island. Okay, can’t hang out in Umbrella’s hellhole mansion forever, so why not? We don’t know why the ladies are there, but they’re either smart enough to land with weapons or they found them along the way. Then some weird ship shows up with a dad looking for one of the women, his daughter. Ultimately, we’re talking about you making the choices that concern the fates of 4 characters in this story. I kinda like that, but none of it just screams ‘Resident Evil’ to me. Yes, we do see Barry Wesker doing what Weskers do, which is awesome. And, under any other brand, I’d love the concept of it all. It just doesn’t look like ‘Resident Evil.’ Does it look cool? Is the 4-story concept intriguing? Yes to both.

Maybe this is a good time to get back into gaming so that I can catch up on lost time? Your opinions below.

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