This week’s episode of Dexter, “Chemistry” starts off, naturally, where last week’s installment left us.  The killer couple has just finished up their sexy time and Dexter’s inner monologue is trying to figure out why he’s so attracted to Hannah, despite the fact that she’s a killer and he should probably be finishing her off.

As the story progresses, the two meet up again and again.  Even as they wax philosophical about the nature of being a born killer, they are forced to fend off other members of the cast who seem intent on exposing Hannah’s secret and thus ruining Dex’s love life.  First, Sal Price begins to pressure them both, finding out that Dexter is seeing Hannah and threatening to call Dex on his shoddy bloodwork concerning her past killing.  Add to that Price’s growing involvement with Deborah and now she’s on Hannah’s trail as well.  When Price receives an unexpected reward for his incessant curiosity, Deb calls out the big guns and asks her brother to do what he does best, although against someone he’d rather not.

In the background, LaGuerta continues her investigation, though Deb is done with the whole affair by this point.  She tries to convince LaGuerta that she’s barking up the wrong tree and almost wins out.  But the former lieutenant persists and comes just a little bit closer to finding out Dexter’s true nature.


Quinn, who has now successfully screwed up the case against Isaak, gets in deeper with the Russian mob.  Isaak, benefitting from Quinn’s malleable morality, is back on the streets.  He and Dex have a little chat, Isaak trying to feel out exactly what sort of person his nemesis truly is.

The tension this episode is definitely on the upswing.  Isaak is slowly creeping back into the story and will likely be making at least one attempt on Dexter’s life in the near future.  Hannah and Dexter are dodging bullets left and right and becoming closer and closer.  Quinn is digging himself a hole that he may never get out of.  And poor Deb, she’s been forced to compromise everything about herself, lying to LaGuerta and protecting her brother the murderer even as he deceives her.  At the end of the episode we see just how far she’s fallen when she finally not only condones Dexter’s killing habit but directly asks him to take someone specific out.

As Hannah shows up more and more, I’m really starting to like her character.  I don’t know if the writers have plans to keep her around beyond this season (they rarely seem to add new permanent characters), but she’s probably the best romantic match that Dexter has found so far.  Personally, I think she’s a thousand times better than Rita (thank God she’s dead) ever was, even if she is a crazy murdering bitch.

One of the more interesting things to watch will be how the conflict between Dexter, Deborah and Hannah plays out.  Will Dexter help his sister to bring Hannah down?  Will he try to save his new girlfriend from ending up in the big house?  Or will he simply try to return everything to its previous balance and finally put lovely Hannah on his table for serious?

The darker tone of the new season is playing out well.  It reminds me in a lot of ways of season 5, albeit with some better writing.  As Dexter nears its permanent end, it has certainly become more reflective, exploring Dexter in ways that don’t involve him just trying to be a better guy or maintain his control.  The beast is being unleashed and I for one am eager to see exactly who Dexter decides to sink his teeth into.

So until next week, dear NerdReaders, please remember that drinking heavily is not a valid reason to urinate on a cop.  Seriously, don’t learn the hard way.  And don’t forget to come back next week for yet another review of Dexter.

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