Found filed under LET’S DO THIS, comes news of Double C tackling the 2 G’s! Can we be honest here? When you’re named after a famous explorer, life expects you to be super ambitious. That’s Chris Columbus‘ burden in life: to get awesome things done. What’s he doing awesome these days? Oh just working on two movies that absolutely need to get made: Gremlins and Goonies sequels.

Columbus sold Gremlins, his fourth script ever, to Steven Spielberg soon after graduating from New York University, so the new film will be a bit of closure long in the making. Floating around in the RUMOR MILL for a couple days as being a reboot, Slash Film reports that it is indeed a sequel set 30 years after the second film The New Batch. A year after writing Gremlins, he wrote The Goonies, one of my favorite childhood films.

goonies now

For awhile now we’ve been hearing about The Goonies sequel being developed by Richard Donner, but not much else. Nowadays when you hear about a movie being “in development,” that basically means a guy with some imagination brought up the idea to a guy with some money in an elevator or a restroom. However, Columbus officially attaching himself to the project is a very good sign of all systems being set to GO. Goonies was a kids adventure with a lot of heart and imagination. Sort of like a “what if Indiana Jones were children” type deal and it was a big hit. The original Goonies actors have all said they’d welcome a return to the roles that made some of their careers. Early storylines included a passing of the torch scenario to their kids and sending them off to risk their own lives in pursuit of fortune and glory.  That’s a well-worn approach to continuing a franchise and it hasn’t worked for Dan Aykroyd’s Ghostbusters 3, so though I’m hoping for something different, I’ll take any Goonies I can get.

As far as Gremlins (3) goes, Columbus has said in the past that he was wary of continuing on with the franchise in today’s CGI-heavy market. Well, his Muppet-loving tune seems to have changed. The lovers, the dreamers and Jim Henson have lost their hold, and with Spielberg on board, we’re sure to be blinded with a screen full of special effects science. But with a recent string of sunk ships to his professional discredit, does the filmmaker still have what it takes? He’s resorting to making Mrs. Doubtfire 2 for heaven’s sake.  Chronic dipping into sequel territory can put Lady Luck against you. Yet with veterans Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg also attached to produce, perhaps the team can reproduce some of the old movie magic that made the first film such a creative delight. Whether original director Joe Dante ever signs on is still up in the air.

Presently Columbus has his hands full with Adam Sandler’s new flick Pixels, but that didn’t sway him from making time to announce this news. I find this all very exciting because I feel like the Gremlins are ready for CGI. And I’m a sucker for nostalgia, so under the right circumstances I’ll even suffer through a Caddyshack 2 or Blues Brothers 2000. No I won’t, those movies were ass, but I think you get my point. And having the whole gang back for another Goonies is dreamy to me. Just dreamy. If Cyndi Lauper comes back with a hit song for the soundtrack, that would make my freakin’ head explode.

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