Director Christopher Nolan is hard at work with pre-production on Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, locking up final castings and prepping for his director’s seat in May of this year. He’s got a lot of work pulling off what could be the darkest of of all 3 Batman movies, his own ‘Star Wars’ trilogy if you will. Just like George Lucas however,  Nolan is pulling a twist to his filming and keeping the ending of the movie secret, even to the cast.

In an interview with U.K.’s Absolute Radio actor Gary Oldman, who reprises his role as Commissioner Jim Gordon, gave them a little insight into just what the cast has to do to read their scripts:

“To get into the production office, you have to have someone meet you and there are keys and various doors that lock. The script you read in the production office, and there is no ending because (Nolan) tells you the ending so that it doesn’t leak and get out, and people spoil it on the Internet.”

It’s not like the internet is going to spoil everything about the movie…OK, maybe they would but that doesn’t mean Nolan is going overboard. He wants to protect his newest “baby” of a project with the utmost secrecy and his taking all preventative measures possible. Gary of course, calls the film a “really great story, a great script,” and that Nolan has “outdone himself from The Dark Knight.”  Oldman also added that that the film brings Nolan’s Batman trilogy to a complete circle, saying, “He sort of brings it back … he brings it around.”

If Chris Nolan can keep his crew under the tightest of security for the entire shooting schedule then this is a secret that nobody will see till July 20th, 2012. Which, honestly is a good thing. Spoilers are like car wrecks, you can’t look away. I’d like to be a bat-virgin for TDKR.

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