The last time Christian Bale dealt with Chinese authorities, he was delivering an ass-kicking on the set of The Dark Knight Returns. This time, however, he didn’t have multiple takes or Christopher Nolan calling “cut” to help him out. Bale, accompanied by senior CNN correspondent Stan Grant and his camera crew, were simply trying to meet the blind human rights activist, Chen Guangcheng, in order to bring attention to his 15-month-long house arrest.

Christian and his company were assaulted by Chinese authorities and later pursued for over thirty minutes as they attempted to leave the area. The man spends 8 hours in a van only to be pushed back and practically chased away by the Chinese authorities. They should be lucky Bale wasn’t method acting at the time or his training with the league of assassins would have kicked into overdrive.

Details and footage of the dramatic events are contained in the video below which comes courtesy of Mediaite.

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