Whovians are still shaking with excitement over news of the Playstation exclusive game, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and now there’s another Doctor Who video game announcement which I believe will breed wild, nerdy excitement like never before. Okay, ready? Three Rings Design, the studio behind Puzzle Pirates, is releasing a a browser-based, free-to-play MMO called Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.

Have you calmed down? I know I freaked out for a good, couple of minutes. A Doctor Who MMO. A game where I can create my own companion avatar and travel with the Doctor? I believe my Christmas wish has been answered. Thank you, Santa!


Kotaku has the entire, lengthy, fully detailed report because those lucky bastards were able get their hands on an early preview. Some of the important bits to note, this is game focuses more on puzzles than action. “Doctor Who is not about violence, it’s about wit,” said BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games EVP Robert Nashak. As you play you’ll use your daily allotment of energy to travel.  With the TARDIS you’ll travel in time and space to omplete missions and collect chronons. Chronons is the name of the in-game currency which you can use to purchase virtual gear and outfits. You’re also not limited to being a boring old human companion, players  have the choice of three other races in addition to human: the reptilian Silurians, the feline Catkind and tree-like Cheem. And while Worlds in Time is an MMO, or massive multiplayer online game, you can play through the game solo with the aid of NPCs, non-player characters, if that’s more your style.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is available to preview yourself over on their website, with a full launch expected in March. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re still here. I stopped writing this article after the first paragraph  and have since handed the job over to excellently trained monkey named, Gunther. So well trained he can even include screenshots, check ’em out below.

Just look at the adorably animated Matt Smith! As of now the 11th Doctor will the be the only incarnation included in the game, but I don’t see why others couldn’t be included down the line. Maybe in Worlds of Time fans will get their long sought after multi-Doctor adventure!

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