Who would guessed that by the end of 2015 we’d all be more eager in our anticipation for the next Mission: Impossible movie as opposed to the next James Bond movie? ‘Tis true. Spectre may end up making more bank than Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, but if we were to go action for action between the two, there was no more thrilling spy movie this year than the one that kicked off with Tom Cruise hanging off the side of a plane. For real! It should come as no surprise then that Paramount wants the man that authored that success back in the director’s chair for Mission: Impossible 6, which has now been confirmed.

The news was recently revealed in Variety that Christopher McQuarrie had signed on to write the sixth impossible mission, but it was then unclear as to whether or not he was going to direct as well. Sources said at the time that negotiations between director and studio were close to wrapping up, which, given the fact that Paramount wants an August start date for production on M:I6, is hardly surprising. Then, McQuarrie tweeted this news this morning…

That’s pretty unambiguous, right? It’s been a pretty safe assumption that McQuarrie was going to come back to Mission: Impossible, not just because of the success of Rogue Nation, but because he passed on the chance to direct the sequel to Jack Reacher, Never Go Back. Reacher was McQuarrie’s first collaboration with M:I star and producer Cruise, but Edward Zwick is presently filming the sequel with Cruise.

With McQuarrie set to direct, this marks the first time that a filmmaker has returned for a reprise in the Mission: Impossible franchise. Brian DePalma, John Woo, J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird were all one and done. How will this effect the dynamic of the film and how it’s developed? And can McQuarrie learn from the mistakes of Sam Mendes, who directed back-to-back James Bond movies with diminishing returns? Granted these are two different franchises, but it’s got to be in the back of everyone’s mind at this point that maybe some fresh blood would have given more punch to Spectre.

The next step? Finding out which members of the team will be coming back for more. Jeremy Renner? Simon Pegg? Ving Rhames? Alec Baldwin? And what about It Girl Rebecca Ferguson? I guess we’ll find out.

Mission: Impossible 6 will be in theaters everywhere in the Summer of 2017

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