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Fight Club was an instant cult hit in both literary and movie circles, with both its 1996 novel and 1999 movie gripping people all over the world. At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, writer Chuck Palahniuk stunned fans with the news that he would be releasing a sequel in comic book form.

The news was met with mixed responses from audiences. Some people were wild with excitement, while others were terrified that a sequel would ruin what made the original Fight Club so special. Many were caught in an anxious spot somewhere in the middle of the two. Despite the varied reaction, the project went ahead with full steam.

A teaser comic from Dark Horse was first released on Free Comic Book Day 2015, in the beginning of May. Further installments were released monthly thereafter, concluding in an explosive finale on March 30th 2016.

The new story is set an apt full decade after the events of the first movie. Fight Club 2 is just as dark and gritty as the original, following a bored Marla depriving her now husband of the medication he needs to suppress the anarchistic influences of Tyler Durden. The ten comic series followed our protagonist and his destructive alter-ego as they drag humanity through a story that reaches Biblical proportions as it approaches the fires of Armageddon.

The complete book of the series is already available to preorder, due for hardcover released on June 30th.

Fight Club 2 2

The collaboration between Palahniuk and artists David Mack and Cameron Stewart, along with a number of other artists dropping in as variants throughout the series, has resulted in a truly unique graphic novel.

On April 12th, the Chuck Palahniuk Facebook page posted this message, hyping anticipation levels for the final product to critical levels:

“The first proof copies of “Fight Club 2” have arrived, and they are stunning. Nothing I could’ve accomplished on my own would come anywhere close to this book. Cameron’s and David’s artwork is dense with secret jokes. Dave’s coloring makes perfect sense out of the constant shift between dream worlds, past worlds, the present and the meta. No one could’ve managed this campaign as flawlessly as Scott Allie. I will always feel grateful for the chance to work with Scott. Our next project will be so new and fresh bookstores will puzzle over how to define it. Scott is fearless, and this bold new type of book will be a game changer.”

Palahniuk has also spoken in interviews about work he is doing already on Fight Club 3, as well as an original series of comics.

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