I swear I heard or read somewhere that Pete Holmes said that the last one was the last one, but College Humor has released another Badman/Batman parody and I thank him and them for that. Fresh from Front Page Films comes an all new adventure of the Dork Knight. This time featuring special guest villain, comedian, actor, and occasional comic book writer Patton Oswalt as the Penguin. While Matt McCarthy continues to be unsung highlight of the series with his portrayal as the long suffering Commissioner Gordon, Oswalt’s Oswald Cobblepot (say that 5 times fast) shall now count as the quintessential performance in the role. Step aside Danny DeVito, deepest apologies estate of Burgess Meredith… screw you fancasting of Philip Seymour Hoffman that never happened.

Anyway, it’s funny… and you should watch it, and they should do more of these. I know a dude with a skin condition that would be perfect for Killer Croc…

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