Considering all the attention the Internet has given the lack of a stand alone movie for a female superhero one would think that when Warner Bros. finally announced the 2017 release date for a stand alone Wonder Woman movie that Marvel would soon follow with an announcement of their own. Kevin Fiege has talked about why Marvel doesn’t have one planned.. yet. Rumors though persist and one leading contender for fans and the Internet is Captain Marvel. Now there’s some interesting news that most fans wouldn’t even know about unless they tracked comic book sales and series cancellations.

X-ForceAll-New Invaders, Elektra, and Secret Avengers are all on the chopping block and will be canceled after the last few issues are published. Another book that has had lackluster sales is Captain Marvel. Now the digital sales for Captain Marvel are a little better than those already listed to get axed, but the hard copy sales are in the same range as the canceled books and one would expect Marvel to cancel any other book in the same position…. unless there was something else in the works that might help that books sales. Something like, Oh I don’t know, a movie cameo in the biggest movie of 2015?

There are a couple of other reasons why wouldn’t Marvel cancel a title with the same sales record as other titles that are being canceled. Captain Marvel has strong editorial support backing it and word around the Internet is that those same folks are under the impression that Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers will be making an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That would certainly boost the sales of the comic book in both hard and digital versions.

What do you think? Marvel has a big announcement happening today around 2PM, could this be part of it?



Well that was quick. Looks like we’ll see Captain Marvel in 2018. I’d say the chances of seeing her in the Avengers: Age of Ultron is slim though becuase Kevin Fiege said that a writer and director will be found first for the film before casting begins. Although that could be a red herring to throw us all off.

I’m still hoping that Marvel comes to its senses and goes ahead and casts Katee Sackhoff in the role.


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