Sure, it’s easy to say that there are plenty of stories to be told within the comic book industry. What’s more interesting are the stories behind the stories. For example, Marvel’s Secret Wars wrapped up last year and it was one of the biggest crossovers in the Marvel Universe. But what initially sparked the idea to write such an epic story? It’s questions like this that Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) will hopefully be able to answer in his new documentary coming to AMC in 2017, “Heroes And Villains: The History Of Comic Books.”

According to the report, the documentary will be a six-part series with each episode being one hour long. In addition, the series will take a “deep dive into the most accessible and often subversive modern popular art form.” More importantly, it will “explore a wide range of topics including: pop culture, politics, race, gender and sexuality.”

Unfortunately, there are no other specifics regarding what the series will explore or who they plan to interview. Here’s what Kirkman had to say regarding the new documentary coming to AMC,

“At the end of the day I am a comic fan first and foremost. I am a lover of the medium and the stories it enables people to tell. I’m excited to partner with AMC once again to bring the stories of some the most influential people in comics to a television audience.”

Besides the Secret Wars, here’s hoping that the series will take a deeper look into stories like X-Men‘s Fatal Attractions or Green Lantern‘s Blackest Night, and writers such as Jonathan Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis, and Scott Lobdell.

Heroes And Villains: The History Of Comic Books is slated to premiere in 2017.


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