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The Green Lantern. A gnarly human dude in green tights who has this magic ring thingy that can create practically anything he can think up.  He got the ring from this purple alien dude who crashed landed to earth. Abin Sur (aka purple alien dude), on his death bed basically said “take this and good luck.. fucker”. And, that was the birth of Hal Jordan as the new Green Lantern. Eh, it works well in the comics. Film? Well, that remains to be seen. Course, Warner Bros. live-action adaptation of the classic DC comic character is shaping up to be one hell of a flick. Seriously, it’s got Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. That’s enough of a sell for me. I digress. What was this post about you say? Half naked purple aliens, naturally.

As expected, Warner Bros. has a large set up on the convention floor of Comic-Con. With plenty of Green Lantern stuff to tickle are fan-boy taints. The most surprising of which is a display of Abin Sur in stasis chamber. It’s actually our first official look the character. We’ve seen concept art, but to see Hal Jordon’s predecessor in real-life form….it’s pretty fucking cool. He’s very purple, actually more of an airbrushed magenta, and has a hell of lot less skin that what has been portrayed in the comics. Despite the recent reveal of Ryan Reynolds in costume, which has many nerds scratching their heads and shaking fists, this set piece at least makes it look like the meeting of Abin Sur and Hal will be captured right.

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