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So, you think that bringing the full cast of The Avengers on stage at Comic-Con was Marvels biggest surprise (Which, by all accounts was the shit. The stuff nerd dreams are made of)? Well, Marvel had one other surprise up their sleeve. On the show floor, in front of their Hall of Asgard set recreation Marvel, for all of 5 minutes rolled out an ornate golden glove. Comic fans know it as the Infinity Gauntlet. For those none the wiser the Infinity Gauntlet is a glove than can be used in unison with the sentient Infinity Gems to harness complete control of the universe. Each gem grants it’s bearer complete mastery over one aspect of the Universe: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power. The artifact was featured in Marvel’s epic superhero cross over series called “The Infinity Gauntlet“.

Pretty cool, huh? Where will this ultimate weapon show up in connection with Marvels upcoming flicks? We have no idea. The only thing to be revealed is the gloves awesomeness. Though, if we were to speculate it could  show up as a cameo artifact in either “Captain America: The First Avenger” or ‘Thor“. The latter perhaps being a trophy in Odin’s throne room, maybe? We know how Marvel likes to throw in nice little easter eggs so this theory is perhaps the most logical. Though, it could also very well be a central aspect in ‘The Avengers”. It’s rumored that Thor’s brother Loki will make an appearance in ‘The Avengers” and in the Infinity Gauntlet series Loki did attempt to harness it’s power.  Continuing with that theory. If the gauntlet is to play a major role in the film it could also mean the introduction of Thanos. One of the biggest of the bads in the Marvel Universe. A superhuman/space god who actually wiped out half of existence by wielding the gauntlet. Biggest Marvel movie needs a big villain, and Thanos fits the bill. Of course, with Marvel sticking to a “real world” establisment this is a bit of stretch. Then again it be hard to imagine the gauntlet being used and Thanos not being involved some how.

Well, that’s what we think. Feel free to speculate for yourselves.

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