We all get the usual nerd rage now and then, but have any of ya’ll got raged up in public and was angry enough to hurt a fellow nerd? Well, the Potter shirt wearing nerd who is pictured above pulled it off at one of the biggest nerd event and some would say he did it with style.

Basically what started this was that someone decided to stay in their seat (after sitting through one panel) for another panel. When asked to leave their seat and go back in line so that it would be fair for others who have been waiting for god knows how long, led the nerds in an argument which ended with one being stabbed near the eye with a pen. Yes… a pen near the freaking eye.

Now, I do have my fair share of nerd rage but never have I stabbed some one. Sure I punched my little brother in the shoulder when he beat me in the game but hey, it’s my little brother and it was punch. What about ya’ll? Has any of your nerd rage been this bad? Tell us your story by commenting after the break. If I learned one thing from this, it’s that I’ll be careful when I’m around someone wearing a Harry Potter shirt.

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