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If ya’ll don’t remember, about a week ago we broke the internet with a story reporting that the douchcanoes from Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting false idol worshipping at San-Diego Comic-Con .

“Comic Con is an excuse for whores to wear skimpy get-ups,” and participants must “put away action figures and get about the business of serving your God.”-WBC website’

Mind you Westboro Baptist are the butt-hole religious wackos that protest at American soldier funerals and also have some rather un-kind things to say towards the gay community. Upon hearing that these twisted sons of bitches would be protesting, the nerd community took a call to arms and promised to fight the nay sayer noodle heads. Not with fists or hate (cause hating leads to the dark side, or so I’m told) , but with their wits. They promised to show up and show up they did. Reports are coming in that an army of 100 plus nerds have surrounded the all of 3 members of the Westboro Baptist Church who came out to protest (3? Haha, pathetic). The nerds are out and mocking the discriminating picketers by holding up signs like “Superman Died For Your Signs” and “God Loves Gay Robin”. It’s a site to behold. It’s a beautiful thing. *sniff* It is times like these that I am so proud of my nerd brethren Suffice to say nerds are sensitive peoples and you don’t fuck with them or the things they love.

[UPDATE:] has nabbed a couple of pics and a video of the horde of nerds in action. Click on after the jump to check em out!

WBC in Action...All 3 of Them (pathetic)

WBC in Action...All 3 of Them (pathetic)




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