Try not to get giddy. For people concerned about the rumblings: extensive reshoots, Joss Whedon stepping up for Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck leaving the franchise, prepare for a bit if cold water to refocus you on the idea that maybe everything’s going to turn out alright, at least so far as Justice League is concerned. At San Diego Comic Con, a few moments ago, a new, four-minute trailer for the film was screened, and you might actually be hard pressed to find any trace of the doom and gloom of previous entries in the DC Extended Universe

The first thing you’ll note is that the beginning of the trailer focuses on Wonder Woman, which is fitting after this summer’s success of the solo Wonder Woman movie. We also get to see Wonder Woman save some school kids, which addresses a big complaint about the DC movies and how we never see the heroes be heroes.

The trailer addresses another big complaint by pushing humour and humanity to the forefront, like that great scene with Flash and Commissioner Gordon where the speedster looks around and notices everyone has silently taken off.

And if all that isn’t enough, he get a pretty good look at the main villain Steppenwolf, we go back to Themyscira where there’s a Mother Box awaiting plundering, and we even get a mention of a certain green-coloured corps. By the way, who was that Alfred was talking to in the end? Some will say that it’s the resurrected Superman, but what are the odds you think that either Hal Jordan or Jon Stewart are going to be the one that Alfred hopes won’t be too late.

While you’re thinking about that, here’s a new poster:

Justice League is in theatres everywhere on November 17.

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