I don’t know how it all started but somehow Stan Lee’s fame increased beyond nerdom and into the mainstream because of his Marvel film cameos. Now…movie cameos aren’t a new thing. Alfred Hitchcock made them popular when he started furtively inserting himself into his own pictures. He’s had a couple speaking parts; other times he’d stroll through so casually that you’d miss him if you blinked. I’m almost positive Stan Lee has spoken in every appearance, and it doesn’t matter if I’m wrong. What matters is which of these cameos is Stan-The-Man’s favorite? That is, it mattered to someone – a big fan of his asked that very question via Twitter and we’ve got the answer! But first, a short video of all Stan’s showings just to rev you up to speed.

Yes, I was totally wrong. There are some times when Stan didn’t say a word, and I think one of those is my favorite. I particularly like the one where he saves someone from being squished by a falling slab of concrete in ‘Spiderman.’ Did you watch the video? Which is your favorite? We’d love to know in the comments! But since the article’s still going, don’t tell us yet – keep reading! You’ve gone this long waiting for the hard news, so now we’re going to give it to you! With the type of world-changing flair that would make Walter Kronkite zombie out long enough to give us a standing ovation, Nerd Bastards gives you…Stan Lee’s favorite Marvel movie cameo! Drums, please!!!



SpideyHulkGuy has the heart of a champion! Years and years of news outlets ignoring this gargantuan opportunity and a lone tweeter rises with Edward R. Murrow gumption and does the right thing. Somewhere Barbara Walters is crying tears of joyful satisfaction.

Okay let’s hear it. Did Stan just say that to promote the new film? Come on, he could’ve said anything. He could’ve agreed with me. I would’ve, because I’m really smart and know lots of things. For instance, I know my least favorite cameo. I absolutely hate the Thor’ appearance. Not one of Stan’s best work. I paid good money to see that guy for two seconds and he completely bombed. And funny stuff how my favorite is a fleeting gesture that’s damned easy to miss.

You’ll see Stagger Lee’s personal fave when Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ hits theaters on May 1, 2015.

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