We’ve waited long enough, tonight we’ll finally see the Red Band Deadpool trailer on Conan. Ryan Reynolds has embraced and owned this character as no other superhero actor has since Robert Downey Jr. donned Iron Man armor and Christopher Reeves taught us all a man could fly in Superman. Tonight Conan is celebrating everything Deadpool and we’ll bring it to you here.

It all started even before the show hit the air with Conan tweeting out the picture below and his team uploading a video that took it even further.


Here’s the video for that Tweeted picture: Now on to the trailer we’ve all been chomping at the bit for:  

Holy crap, we are in for a treat. Could this be the gateway Superhero movie that brings us more “R” rated harder comic book movies?

Here’s the Green Band Trailer for comparison:

There are some interesting differences besides the obvious lack of foul language. That ending is pretty sweet too with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall of the trailer.

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