Every week we give away cool little prizes or Shwag bags of goodies for our Nerd Question of the Week Contest (Done every Wednesday). Sadly, we will not be doing a question of the week this week. Before you come at us with torches and pitch forks (because we know how much you love NQTW) we are subbing it with something a little cooler. NQTW will return next week (July28th) but today we’re raising the bar. Setting a new standard. Kicking dirt in the face of all the other sites that just want your hits and don’t wana give back just for the fucken fun of it! So, after much debate and Xanax, we came up with an idea, totally Brill!

Briefly, I must prelude and say that every Thursday nerdbastards delivers a weekly Top 10 List. Whether it be “The Top 10 Badass Bitches of Scifi Cinema” or “The Top 10 Crap Comic-Book Character Costumes” we compile the best and sometimes worst of nerdy culture into funny lists (or at-least we think there funny). Well, we want you, our audience to write our next top 10 list. OK. I admit it. We’re being lazy and just passing off our work to you, but this will be fun. I swear. Did I mention there is a prize involved?

So here’s the deal. You have free reign over the subject, as long as its nerd related (movies, videogames, comics, TV, scifi, fantasy. Whatever.), and you may be as weird and vulgar as you want. Format wise, your list must be written in 3rd person (meaning no use of the word “I”) . You must write a killer intro that is enticing and gives a brief overview of what is in store. Each person, place, or thing listed must be written out. No listing things without explaining why they are good or bad. That’s it. The person who writes the best top 10 will not only get their list featured on the site (Thurs. August 5th), but the winner will also walk away with one of our best prizes ever. A Replica Sword of the Spartans from Zack Snyder’s ‘300’ (see below). How fucking awesome is that? ( a bit random. Sure, but hey who doesn’t love swords?) Oh, and to entice you runners up will also be systematically putting up your lists on the site is well (depending if they are just as good).

Enter to win by writing your article on a word document or the equivalent, adding pics (only if you want to. Not necessary) and writing your heart out. The more clever AND funny the better. We will be taking submissions from now until Wednesday August 4th.

Enter to Play at


Obviously we are all adults, the sword is a sharp replica, and is suitable for keeping in the box, or display only. will not be held responsible for assholes reenacting ” THIS IS SPARTA!!!!” And kicking your friends in the chest. It’s suitable for wall hanging, or Renaissance Fair Use if you can get a sheath.

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