Cool Swag: Custom Pacman Jewelry


(We thank Melissa Fouch for submitting this most excellent swag)

Sometimes I wake up at night and think: How can I make sure people know I am the biggest Pac Man fan that ever graced this planet? And then I remember…oh yeah, I have a big-ass Pac Man Ghost Ring that could leave a welt upon the throat of my enemy if called for. What fortune! Tiny Armour Jewelry (designed by former South Park animator Angi Glenn) doesn’t only charm the nerd world with the awesome line of men’s and women’s Pac Man jewelry. Try the king of all TA sellers — the “Believer Shield” adorned with such mythical beasts as Sasquatch, Nessie and a unicorn. Yes please! So now when I am browsing my closet for the right cloak for my WoW all-nighter…I don’t have to wonder how to accessorize.



Category: Nerd Culture


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